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WSU Vs. UNLV: 'We're Out Of Booze'

Back in college, I took a trip to Las Vegas over Thanksgiving break. We flew out of the Tri-Cities in the early evening, landing in Vegas at dark. The flight down was, essentially, like riding a party bus, except at 35,000 feet. There we drinks, happiness and a lot of yelling back-and-forth between the aisles.

And this was a random flight to Vegas. Now imagine a similar flight, except with all sorts of Washington State fans and alums. Got the picture in your head? Because that's what it was like on many flights from the Northwest to Las Vegas this weekend.

There was one small problem, though: A lack of booze.

BigWood! ran into a similar problem.

And being the problem solvers they are, the passengers attempted to find a workaround.

Brian's flight took a more festive approach

So maybe the airlines weren't prepared. Or maybe they've cut back on the alcohol. Whatever the case, I've seen stories like this from numerous people over the past few days. Flights were running out of alcohol before the cart made it to the back of the plane, drained by WSU fans beginning their weekend early.

Just remember: The flight back looks like everyone got hit by a bus. Totally worth it, though.