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WSU Vs. UNLV Football: Second Half Game Thread

Go Cougs.
Go Cougs.

The Cougs are finally showing some offensive capability, and taking advantage of a terrible UNLV defense. The Cougar defense is giving up big plays like they did a week ago against EWU...seems to be the M.O. of this group to blow at least one coverage for a huge play each game.

At least the Cougs are winning, and it has felt good to see Marquess Wilson finally get into the endzone. Let's hope the defense stiffens up and doesn't let the Rebels get back into this thing. Or let's hope that WSU just scores too many points for UNLV to get back into it. 28-20 is a little too close for comfort.

Just a reminder, no illegal streams in the game threads. And let's keep the "controversy" discussions to a minimum. The game thread is not the place for discussions about long-term things. It's a place to have fun talking about what is happening on the field as it happens. So do that!

Go Cougs!