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Watch The Solid Verbal LIVE! On SB Nation

Catch up on all the day's action so far, and prep for tonight's compelling slate of evening games with the live edition of The Solid Verbal, which you can watch right here beginning at 4 p.m PT. Dan Rubenstein and Ty Hildenbrand provide an hour of nothing but pure, sweet college football talk, with an appropriate blend of updates, analysis, and humor. Click play at 4 p.m. PT, mute whichever bype-bot is making you dumber on the game you're watching, and do the smart thing instead: The Solid Verbal - Live.

I'm not totally sure if Ty and Dan will talk about the Cougs' narrow victory over UNLV last night. It seems like a possibility, as the game was nationally televised. Go here for a complete rundown of Saturday's Week 3 College Football TV schedule, so you can follow along with the hosts as they talk about all the action going on.