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WSU Football TV Schedule: Seattle Game Vs. Oregon On ESPN Networks

The WSU Cougars will be trying to tackle De'Anthony Thomas under the lights on ESPN or ESPN2.
The WSU Cougars will be trying to tackle De'Anthony Thomas under the lights on ESPN or ESPN2.

Week 5 of the Pac-12 TV schedule was announced today, and the Sept. 29 Washington State-Oregon game at CenturyLink Field in Seattle is set for 7:30 pm PT. It will be televised on either ESPN or ESPN2.

The Seattle game against Oregon State was also set at this time a year ago. The combination of having all day to drink and the Cougars laying a giant egg led, by most accounts, to some embarrassing behavior from Washington State fans. It was discussed at length on this very site that some were hostile towards Beaver fans.

The OSU fanbase does not have much of a reputation with the Cougars. Oregon fans on the other hand? Whether it is deserved or not, many Cougar fans harbor negative feelings towards followers of the Ducks. The on-the-field conditions are likely to be similar to last year, with the Ducks possessing far more talent than the Cougs. Will the frustration boil over again?

Hopefully, with lowered expectations for this game, people won't get as belligerent. Last year against Oregon State was supposed to be the turning point of the Wulff era. One of the rare games people felt like WSU should win, and the Beavers boatraced the Cougs.

So maybe it's much ado about nothing, and people will just be there to enjoy themselves and watch WSU's new coach go head-to-head with one of the nation's top teams.

Aside from the start time, the Cougars playing a Pac-12 game on ESPN or ESPN2 is positive. It will be the third time the Cougs appear on one of those two channels this season. Now, the 10:30 start time on the East Coast, for big Coug fans in places like Vermont (and Delaware), is not ideal.

There is one question, though: Would ESPN have picked this game if it was in Pullman? Tell us your thoughts in the poll below.