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College Football Rankings, Week 3: BlogPoll Top 25 Draft Ballot

You don't come across this photo and not use it.
You don't come across this photo and not use it.

It's just Week 3 of my BlogPoll Top 25 mathematical experiment, and we already have a crucial tie in the CougCenter college football rankings.

My numbers came out with a tie at No. 25. Rutgers and Purdue ended up with the same score, and you guys are going to decide who makes it the ballot. Do whatever research you want, or just randomly choose, but vote in the poll below to decide who gets in! The Poll will close at 9 p.m. PT on Monday night (that would be today) so you have just about 13 hours to vote.

Get on it! Let your voice be heard! Team Rutgers or Team Purdue?

As far as the rest of the top 25, my poll is the same as every other one with Alabama in the top spot. Blowing out BCS opponents will do that.

Huge shakeups at two and three, as Stanford rises 16 spots to the second position, with South Carolina checking in right after them, a positive change of 21 spots.

Explanation of the rankings here.

The Pac-12 rankings are as follows:

2. Stanford - That win over USC was a big boost. The Cardinal have been pretty impressive, following in the footsteps of their big brother in the NFL, the 49ers.

5. Arizona - Wildcats have held strong in the top 10. They have a tough test in Oregon next week.

9. Oregon - CougCenter No. 5 vs. CougCenter No. 9? Call Gameday and tell them to reroute the busses away from Jacksonville and towards Eugene.

14. UCLA - The Bruins have been pretty dominant. Fire...someone?

16. Arizona State - I guess the Sun Devils are 12 spots better than the team they just lost to. NUMBERS DON'T LIE.

23. USC - The formula punished the Trojans much more than the human polls for their loss to Stanford. How can you not like the formula?

42. Oregon State - Rising in the rankings without playing. That's the way to do it Beavs. You should just take byes the rest of the season, you will be No. 1 soon enough!

43. Utah - Big win over BYU. So good they rushed the field twice thrice!

54. Washington - Evened out the margin category this week against PSU after the bloodbath in Baton Rouge.

80. Washington State - Moving on up! High point of the year.

86. Cal - The Golden Bears' 1-2 record, and not-so-spectacular efforts in their first two games, hurt them. That almost win against Ohio State was awesome, though.

124. Colorado - In case you are wondering, there are 124 teams in the FBS.

Full Top 25 after the jump.

EDIT NUSS: Bonus! Check out what Dan Rubenstein thinks of the AP's top 25.