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SB Nation Linkage: Colorado's Key Match-Ups, Lane Kiffin Still Isn't Talking, Drugs And Water Polo And A Kicker's Bad Day

George Frey - Getty Images

It's Wednesday and that means a few things: we can all giggle when we say it's "hump day" (Note: HA!), wings will be ridiculously cheap at most bars tonight and it's the day we bring you some linkage from around SB Nation. Believe it or not, there are tons of other sites in SB Nation that do work almost as good as CougCenter. No, seriously! Today, we'll focus on the Pac-12 with our upcoming opponent, USC's head coach still not talking about...well, anything, a bit of a non-revenue sport issue in Berkeley and the day BYU's kicker would love to forget sooner rather than later.

We start off with the hard working gents at The Ralphie Report with their breakdown of Colorado's key match-ups when they face off against Washington State. Although we already knew the Buffs were coming into Pullman as the worst team WSU will likely face all year, this really seems to confirm it. Nothing has gone right for Colorado all season and a loss to the Cougs could have Colorado staring down the barrel of an 0-12 season.

Sticking with the Buffs, if you thought it was tough deciding between Jeff Tuel or Connor Halliday as your starting quarterback preference (Note: do not take this as an invitation to continue the debate please and thank you. It's merely an example.) Colorado is going through a very Kevin Lopina or Marshall Lobbestael-esque debate. Sounds like they'll be taking a page from Will Muschamp's book and rotating their quarterbacks. So that should be....interesting?

Let us now head down the coast to Southern California where Lane Kiffin still won't talk about injuries and is now behaving bizarrely (as if he wasn't before). Pacific Takes has a great discussion of the policy and video from Kiffin's latest storm off. You'll notice a great quote from our own Brian Floyd as well. Adding my two cents: if you don't want to discuss injuries, that's fine. As Brian noted, Mike Leach has no problems with reporters observing something and writing about it. But when you try to control what can and can't be written, especially when you ban reporters from talking about anything that went on at practice at all, you're wasting their time. If you don't want anything reported on then don't invite the media at all. Sure, you won't get the exposure or allow your fans to actually feel connected to the program but if you view it as that big of a thorn in your side, tell the media you don't want them there.

Back up the coast a ways, we find some trouble with Cal's men's water polo team. Five players have been kicked off the team and the reason behind it may have been drug-related. It may be a non-revenue sport but these things still matter. Issues in non-revenue sports whether it's water polo, soccer or whatever can come back to bite you in the butt if the NCAA comes sniffing around. Just thank your lucky stars this didn't happen at WSU.

Finally, we head to Utah where the Holy War ended in somewhat dramatic fashion on Saturday. By "somewhat", I of course mean "ZOMG WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN SALT LAKE CITY????" Many folks don't know the Holy War between BYU and Utah can get very, very heated. So when Utah had supposedly won the game after an incomplete pass, the students rushed the field only to be informed there was actually one second left on the clock. I can understand that: clock shows zero, players are celebrating/weeping, we rush. An honest mistake. The ensuing field goal attempt was blocked but the ball was picked up by a BYU player because the play wasn't dead. Didn't seem to matter to the students who rushed the field while the play continued and incurred a 15-yard penalty plus one un-timed down for BYU to attempt a much shorter field goal to tie the game. Then BYU kicker J.D. Falslev went ahead and pulled the kick off the left upright. I'm not normally one for opponent schadenfreude but after having two additional chances to win the game and coming up empty on both, this series of GIFs put together by Block U is more than acceptable in my book.