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WSU Vs. Colorado Football: Baxter's Beer Of The Game

Baxter's beer of the game is back for its second edition, and this time everybody's favorite pekapoo is sticking with the Colorado theme as the Cougars take on the Buffaloes.

This week we'll be drinking Mojo IPA from Boulder Beer Company located in - you guessed it - Boulder, Colo.

Boulder Beer describes Mojo as a traditional English-style IPA, made he way they used to make it back when they actually needed to ship it to India. It is 7.2% ABV (alcohol by volume) and 70 IBU (international bitter units). That many IBU's is pretty typical, if not slightly higher, than most mass-produced six-pack IPAs. It gets a score of 88 on Beer Advocate.

Craig's Review: The aroma is hoppy and sweet. The malt sweetness, coming from the slightly higher ABV, is apparent initially when drinking. As it moves to the back of the tongue the hops start to kick in. However, the bitterness is balanced quite well by the malt, and this is definitely an IPA that people who are turned off by the overwhelming bitterness of West Coast-style IPAs could like.

Overall, I tend to prefer more of the bitter hop flavor, but this is a good beer that I will certainly enjoy drinking as the Cougs face the Buffaloes.

Baxter's Review: The bottle terrified me. Craig kept trying to put it next to me, then distract me with a treat to get me to look at them. I know what comes in those bottles, and I stay away.

That's what Baxter and I will be enjoying this afternoon, what will you guys be drinking and eating for gameday?