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WSU Vs. Colorado Football: Second Half Game Thread

James Snook-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Washington State Cougars are at halftime, or near it, in their game with the Colorado Buffaloes. Football has surely been played, with touchdowns possibly being scored. The Cougars threw some passes, while also running the ball. The Buffaloes did some similar-looking things.

How about that one play where that guy did that thing! That was my favorite play for sure. Football is cool. Did you see that other play? Oh, man. Definitely a close second.

With thirty minutes left in the game, I predict more football will be played. Odds are that the game will end after that, but sometimes it doesn't! Oh man, that would be so crazy if it didn't.

Remember, no illegal stream in the second half game thread comments! I know, you may be mad that you missed that one awesome play, but we don't allow them!

Join us in the game thread for the second half of the Cougars and the Buffaloes.

Go Cougs!