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Players of the week: WSU vs. Colorado edition

Connor Halliday, Travis Long and Teondray Caldwell each distinguish themselves against the Buffs, despite the tough loss.

William Mancebo - Getty Images

Well that was certainly an amazing game to watch, right? After a tremendous showing this past weekend, our beloved Washington State Cougars reach 4-0 with a dismantling of the Colorado Buffaloes by an almost unfathomable score of 108-63. Many thought the Buffs wouldn't even put up a fight after losing to Fresno State last week by 55, but the visitors from Boulder make short work of a secondary that gave up big play after big play. It's a good thing our offense was clicking on all cylinders, though, or we might be talking about some heartbreaking, last second loss that probably should have been prevented.

Instead, we get to talk about how Gameday is FINALLY coming to Pullman Seattle to watch #2 Oregon face oh-my-gosh-we're-actually-ranked #25 Washington State. The opening line is WSU -28, but I think people are underrating Oregon. It should be a shootout, and they'll probably keep it closer than 4 TDs.

Enough about next week, though. Let's talk about this past weekend, and how great everyone on offense was!

Ryan Leaf Offensive POTW:

Connor Halliday -- 65/65, 931 yards, 12 TDs; 10 rushes, 1 yard, 2 TDs

To say Halliday had a great game would be a bit of an understatement. I mean, he accounted for 14 TDs total which is pretty crazy when you consider that almost everyone on campus was clamoring for his backup, Jeff Tuel. I think we've finally put this silly "QB controversy" to rest. Even Halliday's harshest critics -- namely Brett Ward -- have to admit that Halliday is the better QB going forward.

That's sort of nitpicky, isn't it? I mean, he DID throw for 12 touchdowns, Brett. Can't you cut him a little slack? I know you're a huge Tuel supporter and you're not exactly unbiased, but you have to admit, he looked like a Heisman candidate, right?

See! That's better. Supporting your fellow Cougs no matter what.

Travis Long Defensive POTW:

Travis Long -- 7 tackles, 6 solo, 2.5 sacks, 1 FF

At this point, I think we just need to pencil in Long's name as the Defensive POTW permanently. The guy is one of the lone bright spots on an otherwise questionable defense. The official stats have him at 2.5 sacks, but it should be 3. Long was in the midst of sacking Colorado QB Jordan Webb when Kache Palacio joined in on the fun, causing Webb to fumble the football. Rather than just give Palacio credit for a forced fumble, they gave him half of a sack, as well. I guess it's a little silly to debate half a sack -- especially when it caused a turnover -- but I want Travis Long to finally make 1st Team All Pac-12, and the only way to do that on a horrible defense is to put up big time sack numbers.

Sammy Moore Special Teams POTW:

Teondray Caldwell -- 3 KR,115 yards, L56

Caldwell looked really good running the ball (72 yards rushing on 10 carries), but looked great in the return game. His 56-yard return led to a long TD pass from Halliday to Alex Jackson, who was moved back to offense just in time for the game.

For the first time since doing this, punter Mike Bowlin had a so-so afternoon, averaging just over 40 yards a punt. Step it up, Mike.


Last week's prediction:

Marquess Wilson, Darryl Monroe, Mike Bowlin

0/3 :(


Next week's prediction:

Connor Halliday, Travis Long, Loren Langley


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