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WSU Vs. EWU: Community Prediction

WSU's season opener is now less than 48 hours away and with close to a capacity crowd expected it should be a great atmosphere on Saturday. Whether or not the home crowd advantage will help WSU play better than last week is still unknown, but it can't hurt.

In the preseason prediction series, 94 percent picked the Cougars to win this game. After the less than stellar opener against BYU and the fact EWU is coming off a win against Idaho, I expect that number to drop at least slightly. Let's take a closer look at EWU.

EWU Profile:

2012 record: 1-0

2012 S&P ratings: N/A

2012 away record: 1-0

Preseason prediction: WSU (94 percent), EWU (6 percent)

Last week: 20-6 win @ Idaho

All-time record vs. WSU: 0-2

Craig's offensive preview: LINK

Craig's defensive preview: LINK

Preseason prediction thread: LINK

Both teams want to throw the ball a lot and I'm not sure we'll see more four wide receiver packages all season. Will WSU's offense be able to put it together in a game environment? Can the WSU secondary slow down EWU's talented trio or receivers? How many hypothetical questions should I write before I just post the poll?