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Introducing The New CougCenter Logo


Over the past few months, there's been a lot of behind-the-scenes planning at SB Nation. We're getting ready to unveil something big in the coming weeks, and today is the beginning. Soon, CougCenter -- and every site on the SB Nation network -- will have a new look, allowing us to do even more than we do now. A lot of careful planning and hard work has gone into making these changes and we're excited to show them all to you in due time.

For now, though, the logo at the top of this post will serve as a teaser. This is our brand new CougCenter logo, designed by the incredible team we have at Vox Media. The authors and editors had input when the logo was being designed, and after a couple passes this is what resulted. Pretty slick, isn't it?

When the logos were first unveiled to a group of us in Washington D.C. before the summer, there we smiles, laughs and jaws on the floor. They were that good, that wonderfully designed. I'd encourage everyone to check out all the new logos here. Marvel at TCU's BLOOD FROG. Laugh at Lookout Landing's new twist on an old favorite.

The logos are but the first step in a larger process that everyone -- from CEO Jim Bankoff and founder Tyler Bleszinski on down to writers throughout the network -- is thrilled to pull the cover off of and show the world. The project is meant to unite the entire SB Nation network, visually and philosophically, while maintaing some of the individual aspects that make each community unique -- team colors, logos and the like.

We're almost ready to take the next step and the writers here are anxiously counting down the days. The logo is, visually, superb. But what's coming next will allow us to continue delivering you, the readers, high-quality writing and analysis in a brand new way.