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About The Authors: Brian Anderson

We're just going to keep the changes rolling today, because why not. We've shown you the new logo, unveiled the YouTube channel we'll be using and introduced Neil Stover as a new author. Now it's time to add one more author to the mix.

You've seen Brian Anderson in the comments before, even if you didn't realize who he was. Typically, he'll be talking x's and o's or scheme, which is a big reason why he'll be joining us. His pieces will focus on play breakdowns and scheme, hopefully giving everyone a better idea of what's going on during games and what the Washington State Cougars are focusing on, both on offense and defense.

I've known Brian for about eight years now, having spent my entire college tenure living with him. We were members of the same fraternity, and usually ended up as next-door neighbors within the house. He had the Super Nintendo and Mario Kart. Someone always has the Super Nintendo and Mario Kart.

Brian graduated with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Idaho in 2009. It's a bit of a misnomer -- he bounced between Idaho and WSU, living in Pullman the whole time. Now, he's going for a Master's in Environmental Science at WSU Tri-Cities while working at PNNL as a Master's Intern Research Assistant in the Omics Biological Applications Group. You can see he has an analytical side.

Brian (BA for short) is a season ticket holder and can be found a few sections over from the student section on game day. Since college, he's had season tickets with a growing group of alumni -- a group I was a part of until moving up to the press box. I spent many a game standing next to him, discussing coverages and schemes during games. It's how I learned what I've put into practice here at CougCenter.

If you're wondering where his football sense comes from, he's a former quarterback (just ask him). He played high school ball at Southridge in the Tri-Cities and still has that good scheme-sense he developed during his playing career. He'll also throw that there football over those mountains.

Hopefully you'll learn a thing or two from BA as he breaks down film and passes along his thoughts during the season. We're excited to have him onboard and think he'll add a ton of insight that you'll appreciate.