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Pac-12 Network Inks Deal With DISH

In what will hopefully be the first in a line of dominoes that falls, the Pac-12 Network reached a carriage agreement with DISH Network on Friday night. Over the past few weeks, the Pac-12 has been working feverishly to secure carriage deals with Dish and DirecTV, with the latter being the ultimate goal. Thanks to some solid negotiating, and perhaps a push from subscribers, the former is done.

The deal goes into effect immediately, and DISH Network subscribers will be able to watch the Washington State Cougars' home-opener against Eastern Washington on Saturday. It's that simple, really -- no real delay or lag in the time it takes to get the Pac-12 Network on the air for DISH subscribers.

For DirecTV customers, this may be good news. Securing a carriage deal with Dish ups the ante for the Pac-12, and gives the conference a little bit more leverage in negotiations. Dish is carrying the Pac-12 Network, DirecTV, so why aren't you? If nothing else, it'll push DirecTV customers to keep calling and keep pestering the company to carry the network.

As a reminder, you can read the Pac-12's letter to fans about DirecTV here. You'll find contact information on that page, as well.

The DISH agreement is certainly a step in the right direction for the Pac-12 Network as it continues to push for wider carriage from cable and satellite providers. If you're a DISH subscriber, congrats! You get football on Saturday!

More information on the deal can be found in the Pac-12's FAQ and in the Pac-12's press release.