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Pac-12 Live Streaming Now Available On Xfinity/Comcast

Larry Scott. Man. Myth. Legend. Streamer of football.
Larry Scott. Man. Myth. Legend. Streamer of football.

The Pac-12 Networks are streaming on Xfinity at this very moment, which means Comcast subscribers who don't get Pac-12 Washington in their package will be able to watch Mike Leach's debut in Martin Stadium this afternoon.

I've been checking the sites all week, going back and forth between the Pac-12 official video site and Xfinity's site. Today, I shrieked like a little girl when I discovered that Xfinity was listed as one of the providers on the Pac-12's site, and shrieked again when I was able to pull up LIVE STREAMING VIDEO of Pac-12 Washington.

After the news came down last night that Dish Network has reached a deal with the Pac-12 Network, this appears to be one more punch in the gut to those DirectTV subscribers who likely chose the provider for their sports coverage.

So, my fellow Comcasters, rejoice! If you have the Pac-12 network in your cable package, feel free to go to this Pac-12 Washington link to watch the WSU Cougars battle the Eastern Washington Eagles today at noon PT.

Larry Scott, I love you again.