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WSU Vs. EWU: A Tour Of The Gameday Cougar Football Project Experience At Martin Stadium

FROM PULLMAN - It's halftime, and we're not doing a Google+ Hangout today because so many of us are at the game, either working or drinking/cheering/angsting (I made up that last word, just for you Sherwood).

Instead of staring at our faces, how about staring at some pictures of the Cougar Football Project? This place really is almost unbelievable -- and I don't use that term very often, because it's too often used for things that are not actually beyond belief. Someone said to me as we were talking, "It's almost like this is a dream."

Quick thoughts, and then you can look at the slide show embedded below:

  • The view from the press box is great, it's got windows that open (important to feel like you're actually at the game) and it's spacious. Spacious enough to host that future Pac-12 Championship game.
  • The emphasis everywhere is on Cougar pride - lots of photos of past and present players and coaches. Tons of crimson. It's fantastic.
  • Also, lots of emphasis on customer service inside. There are people everywhere to help show people around and take care of them. Bill Moos and Co. know how to do it right.
  • Everything is just first class. Welcome to the big time. Finally.

Note: The embedded slide show doesn't have the comments I put on the photos to tell you where each thing is. If you click on a picture, it'll take you to Flickr, where you can see the description.