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Apple Cup 2013 odds: Historical betting lines for WSU vs. UW

How has WSU fared against the spread in past Apple Cups?

William Mancebo

"All bets are off in a rivalry game." Or so they say.

They especially like to say it when one team is heavily favored in the betting line, as UW is for Friday's Apple Cup; the spread, which opened at 14 1/2 in most places, has reached as high as 16 1/2.

Collegiate football representatives from the University of Washington and Washington State University have played 105 times, the first being in 1900.  Prior to 1962, the series between the Huskies and Cougars was played for the "Governor's Trophy". Since then the two teams have played in the Apple Cup.

Of those 105 meetings, 58 were held in Seattle and only 31 in Pullman.

That's nearly a 2:1 advantage to the Huskies.

UW leads the all-time series 67-31-6.  That's nearly a 2:1 advantage Huskies.

There's something illogical about UW claiming Husky Stadium is one of the loudest and best home field advantages in college football, then ignoring how that probably played a role in their skewed winning percentage over WSU.  Either Seattle is a great home field advantage and the all-time series wins are horribly biased toward their direction because they've had so many more games there, or their home field doesn't matter at all and we'll count everything -- you can't have both. Until someone decides which is true, we'll start tracking the data from when the teams started playing a true home-and-home rivalry format.

Apple Cups since 1982

WIns Games Favored %Win as favorite Upsets ATS Wins
Cougars 12 7 43 9 14
Huskies 19 24 63 4 17

WSU has won 38.7 percent of the time and only been favored in 22.6 percent of games since 1982, when the Apple Cup was moved from Joe Albi in Spokane back home to Martin Stadium. When UW is favored, they win 63 percent of the time and cover the spread for 73.3 percent of those wins. WSU wins only 43 percent of the time they're favored and have managed to win against the spread in 45.1 percent of all games.

Those numbers aren't so great. But they're also not anything a nice little winning streak couldn't turn around. It wouldn't take decades, just a few seasons and the percentages move back to even.

WSU's longest winning streak is two games; let's see if they can 'play the next play' enough times in a row to match that streak this Friday.  Who really cares about historical numbers anyway? Guarantee our players don't.

After Alex Brink's awesome run in the mid-00's, Mike Leach might be the next "Husky Killer".

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The Y-axis is the margin of victory. Columns are the difference in final score, with WSU victories being in the positive direction. The black line is the betting line for each game, positive values mean WSU was favored (giving) points and negative values mean UW was favored.

Here's tabled data for your enjoyment. Positive numbers in the line mean WSU is getting points (underdog), negative numbers mean they are giving points (favorite).  We aren't entirely sure, but think these are the opening lines, not where they closed at kick-off. Big thanks to Chad Lybeck for finding all this at Sunshine Forecasts

11/23/2012 Pullman 28 31 WSU 14 Win
11/26/2011 Seattle 38 21 UW 8.5 Loss
12/4/2010 Pullman 35 28 UW 5.5 Loss
11/28/2009 Seattle 30 0 UW 24.5 Loss
11/22/2008 Pullman 13 16 WSU 7 Win
11/24/2007 Seattle 35 42 WSU 6.5 Win
11/18/2006 Pullman 35 32 UW -8.5 Loss
11/19/2005 Seattle 22 26 WSU -3 Win
11/20/2004 Pullman 25 28 WSU -13 Loss
11/22/2003 Seattle 27 19 UW -7 Loss
11/23/2002 Pullman 29 26 UW -8.5 Loss
11/17/2001 Seattle 26 14 UW -1 Loss
11/18/2000 Pullman 51 3 UW 7.5 Loss
11/20/1999 Seattle 24 14 UW 14 Win
11/21/1998 Pullman 16 9 UW 10 Win
11/22/1997 Seattle 35 41 WSU 5.5 Win
11/23/1996 Pullman 31 24 UW 11 Win
11/18/1995 Seattle 33 30 UW 13 Win
11/19/1994 Pullman 6 23 WSU 1.5 Win
11/20/1993 Seattle 26 3 UW 9 Loss
11/21/1992 Pullman 23 42 WSU 14 Win
11/23/1991 Seattle 56 21 UW 34 Loss
11/17/1990 Pullman 55 10 UW 20 Loss
11/18/1989 Seattle 20 9 UW 5 Loss
11/19/1988 Pullman 31 32 WSU -3 Loss
11/21/1987 Seattle 34 19 UW 14.5 Loss
11/22/1986 Pullman 44 23 UW 16 Loss
11/23/1985 Seattle 20 21 WSU 4.5 Win
11/17/1984 Pullman 38 29 UW 3.5 Loss
11/19/1983 Seattle 6 17 WSU 10.5 Win
11/20/1982 Pullman 20 24 WSU 17 Win