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Apple Cup 2013 score update: Washington goes up 17-10

Two possessions two touchdowns for Washington to start the second half.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

After controlling the line of scrimmage in the first half, the Washington State defensive line is having major issues in the second half and the Huskies now lead 17-10.

Washington gashed WSU through the air and on the ground on its first possession of the second half and it was more of the same the next time the Huskies go the ball. Biship Sankey ate away at WSU's defense, ripping off chunks of yards. The drive culminated with Sankey breaking free for an 7-yard touchdown run.

Sankey picked up 38 yards on the drive and converted a huge 3rd-and-5 from deep in WSU territory. If WSU had stopped Sankey, Washington may have settled for a field goal. Instead Sankey picked up eight yards and capped the drive with a touchdown on the next play.

In addition to being outscored 14-0 in the third quarter, WSU also burned two of its three second half timeouts. The Cougs may need an answer to keep this game from spiraling out of control.