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Apple Cup 2013 score update: Huskies add a field goal, lead 20-10

Bishop Sankey is rolling and the Huskies are now up by 10.

Harry How

Washington has now scored 17 unanswered points after kicking a field goal to go up 20-10 in the third quarter of the Apple Cup.

Once again, the Huskies rode Bishop Sankey to points. Sankey picked up 20 yards on the drive and converted a crucial third down with an 11-yard run on 3rd-and-7. The big play of the drive came early on when Keith Price hit Kevin Smith for a 23-yard gain along the sideline. Smith's foot appeared to hit the sidelines before landing in bounds, but Pac-12 referees chose not to review the call, allowing the play to stand.

It appeared Washington would cap the drive off with a touchdown, but the Huskies chose to throw on a 3rd-and-short, possibly gifting the Cougars a defensive stop. Travis Coons connected on a 39-yard field goal to put Washington up 10.

The Huskies dominated the third quarter, outscoring WSU 17-0 in the quarter, similar to the 2012 Apple Cup. WSU mounted an epic comeback then and we'll have to see if the Cougars have another rally in them this year.