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Apple Cup Schedule 2013: Bleacher Report Edition

The Apple Cup just got a little bit tougher for the Cougs.

Can the Cougar defense stop RG3?
Can the Cougar defense stop RG3?
Rob Carr

The Apple Cup is a perennial matchup between the Washington State Cougars and the Washington Huskies. These are both universities in the State of Washington that award scholarships to students in exchange for service on the football team. The Apple Cup has always been between two universities, but that will change in 2013, according to Bleacher Report.

The folks over at B/R must not have thought the news SEO-worthy, because they hid it deep within their team schedule pages. WSU will be playing Washington in the final game of the regular season, but not the one you think (H/T to Michael Preston):


As Coug999 points out, WSU has also trimmed its schedule down to 11 games with the omission of Southern Utah.

Playing an NFL team seems like a tall task for Washington State. Robert Griffin III is likely to be healed from his knee injury by November, and Washington employs an entire 53-man roster of NFL caliber players. WSU does not.

But there is good news! B/R says Washington will be playing a rigourous schedule this season, including many weekends with two games (H/T Kyle Sherwood):


Now, what about the Huskies? According to B/R, it appears that UW is on some sort of double-secret probation. The Dawgs' schedule features just four games for 2013 (H/T Dan Shirley):


This is some truly great reporting from B/R--long known as a pillar of journalistic excellence. It was a modest move to bury these major pieces of news, so hats off to them.