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2013 WSU Football Schedule: Where the Cougars will probably win more than 3 games

Breaking down the 2013 WSU Cougars Football Schedule

Mike Leach gives concern UW fans will not have enough time to get to the Apple Cup after anarchy at Wal Mart
Mike Leach gives concern UW fans will not have enough time to get to the Apple Cup after anarchy at Wal Mart
William Mancebo

Today marks the day where we receive the information that allows us to start our prognostications, second guesses and upset specials. Then we realize we haven't seen more than two of the movies nominated for Oscars, so we move on to the Pac-12 schedule.

We already knew the teams we were playing and have openly projected WSU probably won't be breaking any attendance records in 2013. Now we have the information that should make you wring your hands as you try to decide if it's worth taking time off work to go see Arizona State on a Thursday.

Saturday August 31st @ Auburn

Saturday September 7th @ USC

Saturday September 14th vs Southern Utah

Saturday September 21st vs. Idaho

Saturday September 28th vs. Stanford (Seattle)

Saturday October 5th @ California

Saturday October 12th vs. Oregon State (presumably Seattle)

Saturday October 19th @ Oregon

Saturday October 26th BYE

Thursday October 31st vs Arizona State

Saturday November 9th BYE

Saturday November 16th @ Arizona

Saturday November 23rd vs Utah

Friday November 29th @ Washington

Saturday December 7th: Pac-12 Championship Game (BYE)

Well, there's a lot here to hate. The Pac-12 seems to want to make the Apple Cup a permanent Black Friday fixture, we have two byes in three weeks and a home game the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We're going to go 33 days between games in Pullman if that Oregon State game is in Seattle and Halloween vs the Sun Devils might have 5,000 people in the stands.

The two positives I see here are three home games in September (This statement is retracted if it starts raining September 13th) and a bye before the Thursday game so we're not prepping for a team that beat us by a hundred points this year in three days.

If I had Bill Moos' ear, I would plead with him to make the Stanford game the Seattle game this year, so we don't have the malaise of fans that will refuse to travel to Pullman three weeks in a row and it keeps us from having 33 days between home games. Beware my warlock powers because this business is happening!

Air your grievances and suggestions in the comment section.