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Hot Cougar Action: Paul Wulff weighs in from the Super Bowl

As you may know, former WSU head coach Paul Wulff is at the Super Bowl with the 49ers. He spoke to the media this week and reflected on his time at WSU.

Ezra Shaw


It's been a while since we've heard from former WSU coach Paul Wulff. Outside of maybe one or two interviews, I don't recall Wulff speaking to the media very often since his exit press conference. That changed some this week as he spoke to Howie Stalwick prior to departing for New Orleans.

There are a number of quotes in Stalwick's post linked below, but this seems like the one which will garner the most attention.

Wulff said he's not certain a bowl game would have guaranteed him a fifth year with the Cougars.

"I can't answer that one," he said. "I don't know if it had anything to do with whether I was going to win enough games there. Certain people or person (athletic director Bill Moos and/or school president Elson Floyd) wanted me out, so it didn't matter."

Asked if he would have taken the Cougars job if he had fully understood the condition the program was in when he arrived, Wulff said, "I go back and forth."

I don't know the inter-workings or relationships in the athletic department, but this likely played the biggest role.

Wulff has savored four more wins in five months as an NFL coach than he experienced in four years at Washington State.


From WSU to football's pinnacle | The Columbian
Paul Wulff had just arrived in the Big Easy for the Big Game, and the former Washington State player and coach sounded as relaxed and confident as could be expected of any first-year NFL assistant coach during Super Bowl week.