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Pac-12 clears Mike Leach, WSU of wrongdoing in Marquess Wilson abuse investigation

The conference's investigation came to the same conclusion as WSU's own internal look into Wilson's abuse allegations.


It seemed to be a forgone conclusion after Washington State University's own investigation cleared Mike Leach and his staff of any abuse regarding the allegations of abuse made by former wide receiver Marquess Wilson that the Pac-12 would do the same. This morning, the conference did just that.

Daniels also reported the conference interviewed players who felt there was nothing wrong with the alleged physical contact in the locker room at half time against the Utah Utes. The Pac-12 did suggest the school make sure they hammer down a clear policy on discipline and conditions in addition to a couple other minor changes.

Nothing that came out of this investigation is really surprising and it pretty much mirrors what WSU found with their own look into the matter. In fact, we got confirmation of something we'd thought might be the case for a very long time.

This should come as a surprise to no one. Using "abuse" when describing behavior by Mike Leach or his coaching staff is a buzz word, sure to bring the swiftest hammer of judgement from those who don't hold favor with Leach, most notably those in the media who would run to the conclusion that Leach is at it again.

Will this still be an issue the university and Mike Leach have to deal with going forward? Probably, but not because the report is inaccurate. As Nusser and many others have pointed out, allegations go on the front page while retractions or investigations clearing those accused are buried deep within the metro and arts section.

Don't use this as an opportunity to slam Wilson. It's abundantly clear at this point Wilson had a lot of help in writing that letter and although he's legally an adult, I'm willing to bet many 20 year olds would listen to their parents the same way he did.

We can now officially say it's over. Lets move forward and hopefully never have to speak of this again.

Here's a look at the full report and you can find it here. The quotes from Wilson where he admits he could have used different language, that no one ever abused him, and that his parents helped him write the letter can be found on pages eight and nine.