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Mike Leach watches Popcorn Guy, compliments his form

Mike Leach broke down film of Popcorn Guy and complimented the man's technique.

Otto Greule Jr

If anything good came out of Saturday's loss to Stanford, it was Popcorn Guy. You know the guy by now: Showered in rain, polishing off a big bag of popcorn by just dumping it into his mouth while leaning backwards in the stands and chewing away before haphazardly looking up. He was caught on camera, and quickly became an Internet and TV sensation.


This single GIF encapsulated a lot of feelings about Saturday's game. It just works.

Naturally, someone asked Leach about Popcorn Guy at the Monday press conference. Leach hadn't seen the new star, but reporters sprung into action and showed him the video on a phone. And Leach had thoughts! (via KXLY)

"That guy is awesome. That guy ... yeah ... I, uh, I kinda felt the same way at the end of that game."

Leach then went on to break down the man's technique while telling an anecdote about his wife being good at catching things in her mouth -- M&Ms, popcorn, etc. -- while floating the idea that Popcorn Guy and Mrs. Leach have a popcorn contest.

So hey, that was a bright spot at least.

If you know Popcorn Guy, shoot me an email. We'd like to talk to him.