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The CougCenter Hour, Episode 8: Cougs dismantled by Stanford, face a rebuilding Cal this week

The Washington State Cougars got kicked around like a tin can against Stanford on Saturday. If they want to keep their bowl hopes alive, they face a must-win against the Cal Golden Bears in the East Bay this weekend.

Stephen Dunn

Popcorn Guy fully endorses The CougCenter Hour as must listen internet radio about the WSU Cougars.

The result at CenturyLink Field wasn't what most of us were expecting. Instead of Stanford relying on the run and pounding it out like many, including the Cougs themselves, thought they would, they came out throwing and torched WSU's secondary. So much for the Cardinal not having athletes at tight end and wide receiver.

Jeff Nusser will stop by for a chat to discuss what went wrong (there's a lot), what went right (not much) and where Washington State goes from here. We'll also discuss whether the upcoming game against the Cal Golden Bears if a must win if the Cougs hope to keep their bowl hopes alive.

As always, we've also got our Dunderhead of the Week and you can Ask Michael Anything at the end of the show. Mike Leach may give good dating advice but we think we do it better on The CougCenter Hour. But don't ask just dating questions; beer questions, sandwich questions, mortgage advice. Anything under the sun. You can get in touch with us at, using the hashtag #cougcenterhour on Twitter or by calling (347) 324-3857.