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Mike Leach's Halloween movie recommendations

It's a little bit of a slow week around Cougar athletics. It's bye week and the football team is off until Thursday. When news is slow, the media asks Mike Leach some weird questions.


It's a bye week. It's been kind of slow. In fact, I was considering kidnapping a walk on just to give us something to report on. Thankfully, Nick Aliotti came along and saved me from a life of criminality.

I'm not the only one who gets bored on slow news weeks. The media does too. When the media gets bored and still has access to Mike Leach, we get moments like this. During a short interview with the WSU Cougars official podcast network the interviewer asked Mike Leach about his favorite Halloween movies. We know, from previous tweets, that Mike Leach has some strong opinions on movies (among other things) and he knows a good Halloween movie when he sees it.

The best one ever is Psycho... But then you can say that that's not necessarily a monster movie. If you want to stay within that, the best ones in my opinion are the first Halloween and The Omen are the best ones. There will be some Exorcist fans that are ticked off that I don't include that, but that's too bad. It's my list not theirs... For mine the three best are Psycho, Halloween 1, and the Omen.

He went on to clarify that he meant the classic version of Psycho, not the remake.

Personally, my favorite horror movie is the 2012 remake of Colorado @ WSU. So many nightmares...


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Actual Hot Cougars

Actual Hot Cougars
Woah... This Cougar is getting up close and personal with it's bait. Back off, you hot cougar you, I wouldn't want to scare him off.