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CougCenter recognized as an SB Nation 'featured blog'

And it's all because of you. So thanks!

Michael Steele

One of the reasons I love writing at SB Nation is because of the way this company often feels like a family. There are a lot of reasons for that, ranging from its tendency to promote from within (hi Brian!) to how easy it is to get a hold of anyone in the company (including this guy, who I can get on gchat at a moment's notice).

Heck, SB Nation recently flew Floyd and Bleszinski out here to Seattle for a meetup that was attended by some 30 writers and editors of various team sites who live in the area. I will neither confirm nor deny the rumor that I had a few of these on the company dime.

Another cool thing the SB Nation does is celebrate the great work being done throughout the network. This week, it was CougCenter's turn to be recognized as one of the featured sites over at the company blog:

In addition to routinely carrying the flag for SB Nation College from a traffic stand point, few sites do more things the right way than SBN's Washington State site, CougCenterFrom football previews to basketball analytics and just about everything in between, the standard bearers for having their school flag seen on GameDay's SBN representatives are a constant reminder of excellent amongst our College Sports ranks as well. As if their outstanding coverage of all things Washington State sports wasn't enough, they helped raise more than $10,000 for the Walk For Wishes, supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Whether you want the best, most comprehensive Washington State coverage anywhere, want a laugh, or want to help make a difference in the Pacific Northwest, CougCenter is a must visit for Washington State, Pac-12, and general college sports fans alike.

The truth is that this honor belongs to all of you, as much as it does to us. You, the CougCenter community, are the ones who make it worthwhile for us to write. None of us is getting rich off this, yet we choose to spend a not insignificant amount of our spare time writing for all of you because this community makes being a fan that much more fun.

So thanks. And here's to the next five years.