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GIF-A-Palooza: What punters shouldn't do

WSU beat Arizona. There were some great throws, better catches and a quick lesson on what NOT to do for young up and coming punters. Here's Saturday's game in GIFS.

Hey beautiful. It's been a while.

A combination of bye weeks, poor play on the part of our football team when they do play and an extremely busy schedule on my part has meant a lack of GIFy goodness on this fine website.

That brings me to a classic good news-bad news situation. The good news? The wait is over. GIF-a-Palooza is back and just as good (if not slightly worse) than ever. The bad news? Due to my traveling schedule for the holidays coming up, there won't be one next week and won't be one for the Apple Cup (at least not until well into the next week). I didn't want to leave you, the adoring fan, in the lurch for that long. So... here I am.

First, a small disclaimer, I am under more time constraints this week so I didn't have time to rewatch the game. Below are the GIFs I captured while watching the game live. If you have any requests, I'll more than likely have some time later in the week to fulfill some of them.

Now that your expectations have been successfully dashed, here's the moment a month or so in the making: GIF-a-Palooza: Arizona edition

The Cougs struck first in this one and the first question you may ask is: 'Who caught the TD catch?'. My reply would be: 'What am I? The internet? Look it up yourself'. Of course, you wouldn't be able to find an answer because it was a rushing touchdown and I just successfully wasted your time.


Connor Halliday looked great this Saturday. Besides a few mistakes, he threw ball fine and found his receivers well. Here's a great throw where he found Vince Mayle up the middle for a big gain.


Back when movies were invented there was this one where a train was coming right at the camera. Everyone freaked out because they thought a train was about to crash into the theatre. If this next GIF were an old time movie, you would be freaking out about being hit in the face with a football. Don't worry! It's a video of something that has already occurred many miles away from you. You're in no danger! (Also, a great catch from River Cracraft)


When you punt the ball there are three things you should do. First, catch the ball. Second, drop the ball towards your foot. Third, push your leg forward into the ball to propel it forward (a.k.a. kicking the ball). Arizona's punter forgot to do one of these things and he paid for it. He paid dearly.


Speaking of great throws from Halliday, here's another one. This one gave WSU a touchdown and put them on top for the second time in the game.


How do football receivers just have that innate ability to know where that sideline is? On 3rd down, Caldwell knew where that line was and made a fantastic catch to make a key conversion on a drive that would end in the final, go-ahead touchdown.


Speaking of that go-ahead touchdown...


And this is how it ended. I nearly had a heart attack. Not literally, of course. That would mean that I have a serious health problem that needs medical attention. While the situation was worrisome... I did not need medical attention following...


Here's a closer look. Try not to have a heart attack (literal or figurative) while watching reliving the moment in this fast moving series of still images.


That's it for this week. I'd like to end this article with some words of encouragement for our Wildcat friends. It's Ok. Just think back to better times. Like a few weeks ago when you did something (I don't remember what it was) and one of your fans reacted like this:


Man... Those must have been great times. Just remember how happy this guy was when what ever he was reacting to happened and imagine yourself there. Good times...