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Head coach Mike Leach extended through 2018 season

Leach was hired prior to the 2012 season and is now under contract for another five seasons.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you like Mike Leach, we have good news for you: his contract has been extended through the end of the 2018 season.

This was actually something we'd been waiting to hear about for a while. After this season, the school and Leach could agree to make his contract a five year, rollover deal meaning at the end of every season, another year gets tacked on to the back end. In other words, Leach will now always be working with a five year contract. It's probably not a coincidence the extension was announced after the Cougs picked up a rather gigantic win and are a win away from not only bowl eligibility but matching their highest win total since 2006.

The ramifications of not extending Leach and initiating the rollover clause in the contract would've been huge for either side. If the school decided they didn't want to, it would basically serve as a vote of no-confidence and the school wanted to make sure it was set up to fire him cheaply if need be. For Leach, saying 'no thanks' makes no sense financially and would seemingly indicate Leach is looking elsewhere for work. It made zero sense for either side to opt out of this deal, especially since the athletic director and president are happy with the direction of the program and Leach is likely more than comfortable with where he is and how much he's being paid. This is security for both Leach and the school who will likely continue their relationship now for a long time to come.

Bill Moos went out and got the coach he wanted after the 2011 season. Now, he's got that coach locked up for a long time to come.