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WSU vs. TCU basketball: Open game thread

Come talk about it as the game unfolds with other fans, if you're into that sort of thing.

Brandon Parrish can shoot
Brandon Parrish can shoot
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Gonna be honest here: We kinda forgot there was a basketball game today. And, judging from the tweets I've seen, so did pretty much everyone else.

That said, WSU and TCU are going to play a game today. Did you know TCU is in the Big 12 now? A Big 12 team is playing a game in Pullman! Did you remember that Kansas State did that a few years ago?

In case you're wondering how this game got scheduled, TCU is now coached by Trent Johnson who used to coach Stanford and LSU, and in fact was the coach at LSU when WSU played the Tigers in Seattle in Ken Bone's first year. And if you weren't wondering, well, now you know something you didn't care about in the first place.

Lots of people are down on WSU after the whipping the Cougs took at the hands of Gonzaga on Thursday, but TCU is pretty terrible and should be dispatched of relatively easily. says they're worse than CSU Bakersfield, which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows that the Horned Frogs already have a home loss to Longwood. Be honest: You've never heard of Longwood, have you? It's a real school in Division I! And for goodness sake, Sherwood - stop giggling every time I write "Longwood."

The best news for the Cougars? TCU shoots relatively few threes, even though they make a fair amount of them. If you're looking for "random 3-point shooter who probably will keep this game closer than it should be," you'd be looking for TCU's Brandon Parrish, a 6-6 freshman wing who is 6-for-12 in three games this season. He's a catch and shoot guy that WSU should be aware of at all times, which means he's virtually guaranteed to have a bunch of open looks. Six-foot-6 Jarvis Ray also is dangerous -- he gets to the rim and draws a lot of fouls.

Go Cougs?