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Larry Scott extended as Pac-12 commissioner

We ask: Do you approve of the job he's doing?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Scott has done a lot of groundbreaking things in his four years as commissioner of the Pac-12, and the conference presidents rewarded him for his service accordingly on Monday with a contract extension through 2017-2018.

Scott also was named the executive chairman of Pac-12 Enterprises.

"Larry's leadership and vision is critical as we realize our tremendous potential as a Conference built on a firm foundation of academic excellence and superior athletic achievement," said WSU President Elson S. Floyd, who is chair of the Pac-12 CEO Group. "Pac-12 Enterprises will continue to provide exposure to our athletic programs, student-athletes in all sports, and world-renowned academic programs, as well as deliver long-term financial value for our institutions to help fulfill our core academic missions."

Scott has overseen the expansion of the conference, the inking of an unprecedented $3 billion television contract and the creation of a conference television network. It's undeniable that his tenure has already been more progressive and successful than that of his predecessor, Tom Hanson.

Still, it hasn't been all rainbows and lollipops.

The stare down with DirecTV continues, as there remains no distribution deal for Pac-12 Networks on one of the country's largest carriers. With a sizeable portion of the conference's television inventory on that network, it leaves a lot of Pac-12 fans in the dark each week.

Despite efforts to improve the conference's officiating program, Pac-12 referees still are a national laughingstock.

And with all this television money has come a dearth of prime time broadcasts and a plethora of 7 p.m. PT starts that leaves some great games being played while three-fourths of the country is asleep.

So let's get a gauge on how you feel about the job Scott is doing.

Do you approve? Or not?