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Election day, WSU style

Elections are boring. Ballot measures and city council elections? No thanks. We take the day after election day to hold a little vote of our own about all things WSU.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot about elections that are really boring. I mean, Initiative Measure No. 517? That has a big number next to something about measurement and math really isn't my thing, so I'm lost. King County Fire Protection District No. 10, Commissioner Position No. 3? Pft... let me know when I can vote for King County Fire Protection District No. 10, Commissioner Position No. 1. That's the important job. Mayor of the town of Garfield? Well... I actually have strong opinions about this one. I won't tell you whether it's Larry Hunt or Ray McCown. That's my secret and I'm taking it to the grave.

It's never a good idea to talk about politics on the internet. Petty fights start and people's feelings are hurt and we have to start banning everyone. It's ugly. That's why today, our election day won't be about politics, it will be about the WSU Cougars.

On a football bye week and a couple days before the WSU basketball team tips off, it's a perfect time to examine what you, the die hard Cougar fan, thinks about the current state of Washington State.

A list of ballot measures are below, feel free to post your votes in the comments and explain why you picked it. Some of them are asking you to reflect on the year so far, some of them will ask you to predict the future. Some of them are easy choices, some are a little tough. Choose wisely... Because your vote really does matter in this meaningless, pointless exercise.

  • WSU Football MVP of 2013 so far? (Write-in vote)
  • (Prediction) WSU Football will make a bowl game this year. (Pass or Fail)
  • Most Important Player on 2013-2014 WSU men's basketball team? (Write-In vote)
  • (Prediction) Ken Bone will return for the 2014-2015. (Pass or Fail)
  • (Prediction) WSU Basketball will finish 10th or better in the Pac-12. (Pass or Fail)
  • Face of WSU Athletics - Student Position (Deone Bucannon, Connor Halliday, DaVonte Lacy, Write-in vote)
  • Face of WSU - Staff (Ken Bone, Bill Moos, Mike Leach, Elson Floyd, Glenn Johnson, Write-in vote)
  • Best Restaurant in Pullman (Black Cyprus, Cougar Country, South Fork, Old European, Tam's Place, Write-in Vote)


Highlights of Tuesday’s Pac-12 coaches teleconference . . . | Pac-12 Confidential | Seattle Times
WSU had severe problems with recognition of who had the ball last week when ASU’s Taylor Kelly was handling it. As Mike Leach said, "We looked a lot like other teams that have played those guys."


Cougars Host Roadrunners in Season Opener - Washington State University Official Athletic Site
Washington State University men's basketball opens up the 2013-14 season hosting CSU Bakersfield, Friday, Nov. 8, at 7 p.m. at Beasley Coliseum.

Coach Ken Bone’s future could depend on Washington State improvement | Cougar Basketball | The Seattle Times
The Cougars are picked for 12th this season in the Pac-12 men’s basketball race. Coach Ken Bone will bring in a half-court pressure defensive style in his fifth season to try to turn things around.