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A holiday shopping guide for WSU fans

Struggling to find a gift for the WSU fan in your life? Here are a few ideas they are sure to like.

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The holidays are just around the corner and if you are anything like me, you still have some gift shopping to do. Some people are done with their shopping in July. I am not one of those people. Finding the right gift can be a frustrating and exhausting process. Sometimes, the process isn't easy even when you know what to get.

Don't fear Craig, I'm here to help. Instead of watching everyone scramble to come up with gift ideas, I decided to put together a guide to make shopping for the WSU fan in your life a simple process. There aren't many shopping days left, so let's get right to it.

Dockers Game Day Khakis

Have you or someone you know ever wanted a pair of WSU themed Dockers? Well, you are in luck. Dockers recently launched what they call their Game Day Khakis. Ten college teams were selected, including WSU. The pants are similar to any Dockers you'd buy, but come with with an embroidered Cougar logo on the back pocket and "Go Cougs" along the internal waistband. They come in two colors, British khaki and Crimson.

The fine folks at Dockers were nice enough to send Craig and I each a pair. I went with a crimson pair in the alpha cut (more tailored than regular, but not skinny jeans like). I never thought I would own a pair of crimson colored pants, but I have to say they are pretty great. Quality material and well made. The color compares well to my crimson Nike WSU shirts and isn't a bright red.

I wore my pair to the golf course and one of the members stopped to tell me she wished her husband had the guts to wear red pants, so there's that.

What: Dockers Game Day Khakis

Where: and Macy's

Price: They are regularly listed for $78 and $68 depending on the style, but are currently on sale for $55 and $47 on the Dockers website.

WSU shirts from CougShirts

You can buy WSU shirts from hundreds of different places, but if you are looking for something more unique than the usual Cougar logo shirt, CougShirts has you covered. There are more than two dozen unique t-shirt and sweatshirt designs available. They support Steve Gleason by offering Team Gleason shirts in crimson and gray with 50 percent of the profits donated to the Team Gleason cause.

They recently added two New Mexico Bowl themed shirts to the catalog, so if you know a WSU like me who is tired of wearing a 2003 Holiday Bowl shirt, you're set. You can grab something unique and support two WSU fans in the process.

What: T-shirts, sweatshirts, flags, sunglasses, swimsuits


Price: T-shirts range from $12.99 to $21.99.

Rivals annual subscription

We try to provide comprehensive WSU coverage here, but we aren't the only ones. Britton Ransford does an excellent job at, Rivals' WSU site. A lot of his content, including frequent recruiting updates, is behind a pay wall. Right now, however, you can land a great deal on a Rivals annual subscription.

If you buy a subscription and use the promo code "Holliday99" You'll pay $99.95 for the annual subscription and receive a $99 gift certificate for Fanatics sells essentially anything you could imagine themed for college and pro sports. Here is a look at the WSU store, which includes 932 items. If you are in the market for WSU or other sports gear, you can get $99 worth while adding a year subscription to Rivals for 95 cents. The subscription is worth the money alone -- especially if you follow recruiting -- the gift certificate makes it a great deal.

Plus, if you are like me, you can get creative. Buy the deal and keep the subscription for yourself. Then use the gift card to buy gifts for a few friends and family members. Who am I kidding ... I'd keep the gear too, sorry mom.

What: Rivals annual subscription with free $99 gift certificate to

Where: using the promotional code "Holiday99"

Price: $99.95

Cougar Athletic Fund membership

There are more than 6,000 members of the Cougar Athletic Fund, but if you are shopping for someone who isn't, you can give them the gift of supporting the Cougs. A CAF membership gift can be purchased for either $50 or $100. In addition to helping support Washington State Athletics, the person would also receive the benefits that come with membership. But wait, there's more! From the CAF:

For that special Coug on your list, make a CAF membership gift on their behalf (minimum $50), and start them on the road to supporting the success of WSU Athletics! All membership benefits will be conferred on the recipient of your gift at the level of your contribution. And as a special bonus, you will receive an exclusive CAF holiday ornament that can be kept as a personal keepsake, or can be delivered to the recipient of your gift!

I think I know everyone's reaction to the idea of a free holiday ornament.

What: Cougar Athletic Fund membership

Where: The CAF website.

Price: $50 or $100

A CougCenter T-shirt

If you are buying something for a WSU fan there is a chance they are also be a CougCenter fan! In that case, they might enjoy one of our CougCenter t-shirts. I may or may not have forgotten the CougCenter t-shirt store existed, so the store is still limited to the original four shirts. I'll try to get around to making more in time for the holiday season next year.

What: CougCenter shirts

Where: The CougCenter t-shirt store from GameDay Depot.

Price: $14.44 to $16.99

A charter package to the New Mexico Bowl

You know what I'm sure any Cougar fan would enjoy? An all inclusive travel package to watch WSU play in New Mexico. The WSU Alumni Association is offering travel packages, which include charter plane tickets, hotel and a ticket to the game.

Riding on a charter flight full of WSU fans would be incredibly fun. Flights are available out of Spokane and Seattle. All it will cost you is $1,495 per person. If you don't want to spring for the pull package you could just book a flight for $995 or you know, maybe just buy them a ticket to the game?

What: All inclusive package to the New Mexico Bowl

Where: The WSU Alumni Association

Price: $1,495

That should get you well on the way to shopping for the WSU fan(s) in your life. Feel free to post other WSU gift ideas in the comments.