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Deone Bucannon's senior highlight video is the greatest

This is your new favorite highlight video. TURN UP.

Here at CougCenter, we're big fans of Deone Bucannon -- as you may have noticed. So of course we'll go ahead and pass along his senior year highlight video. Watch it first.

Now some notes:

  • This was produced by Washington State, which makes it so much cooler. The Cougars' video production staff has upped his game this year, from hype videos to highlights.
  • The song is Get Buck With Me by Young Buck. It's just ... perfect. TURN UP
  • That song is edited, obviously, but GOT DANG WELL PLAYED
  • Still want to mention that Washington State set Deone's hit stick highlights to Young Buck. This is something a YouTube user would do, but typically not an athletic department. And for that, we salute them.
  • Dang I'm gonna miss Deone.

And finally, for more on Bucannon -- Washington State's human hit stick -- here's what I wrote before the Apple Cup. Still valid forever.