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Join the CougCenter Bowl Pick'em Challenge


William Mancebo

Like picking bowl games? Competing against internet friends? Join our Bowl Pick-em Group over at Yahoo! and earn yourself all of the prestigious accolades, and some Monday Morning Trivia points if you play along every week. Mark Sandritter has generously decided to award points to the top 3 finishers: 50 - 25 - 10 for first, second and third place.

Here's a link to our group.

Name: CougCenter

ID#: 7421

The password is: bowl!

Create a Yahoo! ID if you haven't got one, and make your picks. Use your SB Nation ID so we can give you those trivia points and other people can have an idea who you are, unless you don't want people to know it's you making those awesome picks.

You can move the games into any order you want, giving them a confidence that will factor into your overall score. Picks you are most confident in are moved to the top.  Have no idea about a match-up? Assign them the least amount of confidence and it won't hurt you as bad if you miss.

May the best man or woman win!