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One more 2013 WSU Cougars football highlight video

Here's one more amazing 2013 highlight video. Outstanding work by the video production team once again.

I've been incredibly impressed by the Washington State football video production this season, and this video is another reason why. From the hype videos played before games to player highlight videos, the school has put out some amazing things. This 2013 highlight video is no different.

Instead of simply splicing together game highlights to music, though, the latest video takes a bit of a different route. It's slower pace -- set to Heroes. It beings in Lewiston, with simple practice highlights from fall camp, taking you inside what those grueling practices were like.

So this is where it all started. On those grass fields in Lewiston, where players put in the work ahead of the season. Tracing things back, it all began there. There were bonding moments, a lot of work on the field, and the foundation for the 2013 season was laid. Ask players and coaches and they'll all draw a line back to fall camp, in Lewiston, as a big reason why things came together this season.

And that speech in the middle -- the WHAT'S YOUR WHY speech that you've heard before … goosebumps. It's been one hell of a season. One more time.