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Drew Loftus arrested on theft charges, MIP also issued

Sophomore WR Drew Loftus was caught stuffing bottles of liquor into his pants at Dissmore's. He was charged with 3rd-degree theft.

you've never played "hide the tequila" before?
you've never played "hide the tequila" before?
William Mancebo

Well, at least when WSU players get arrested, they do so in ridiculous, entertaining ways. Walk-on WR Drew Loftus was caught stuffing small airplane sized NORMAL SIZED tequila bottles into his pants at Dissmore's last night. He attempted to cover it up by then buying eggs. The Daily Evergreen has the full story here.

Edit: I originally assumed they were the small airplane bottles because, really, who tries to steal a 5th by putting in their pants? I underestimated Loftus. According to Caple, the bottles were valued at $21.99 each.

If you remember, Loftus was arrested in late 2011 for "prowling". We all kind of dismissed it then as the story being crazy (because it was), but you'd have to think that Loftus' days as a member of the Cougar football team are over. One of Leach's Third Rails is stealing, regardless of what it is. So he more or less lost his spot on the team over $40 worth of Tequila. That seems like a fairly poor decision.

One of the best quotes I can remember reading comes from Pullman Police Cmdr. Chris Tennant:

“You can’t get more possession than shoving it down your pants,”

The news of Loftus' arrest comes days after RB Leon Brooks was cited with a DUI. So if nothing else, Fulmer points I suppose. Being a Coug fan is nothing if not interesting.

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