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2013 CougCenter Podcast Episode 7: On DKD and if the men's team is improving

We'll sit down with Kyle Sherwood to talk about the basketball team and where they go from here this late in the season.


It's pretty much the same old story for the Washington State men's basketball team this weekend: build a sizable lead against Oregon and watch it slowly drain away. It's not easy for Cougar fans and it's made even harder when a player makes a once in a lifetime mistake near the end of an overtime period to help the opponent win a game.

We'll talk a little about Dexter Kernich-Drew's mistake in overtime and then chat with Kyle Sherwood and get his take on what the men's team can do the rest of the way to show some big signs of improvement.

Finally, we get Ask Michael Anything. As a reminder, email your questions on any topic to

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CougCenter Podcast 2013: Episode 7