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Tyler Bruggman got sick on a flight to Austin and the reason isn't pretty

The 4-star quarterback had to put up with a rather disgusting issue on a flight to Austin the other day.

William Mancebo

There was some worry this morning that 4-star quarterback Tyler Bruggman from Brophy Prep in Phoenix, AZ would flip his commitment to Arizona State after the Sun Devils' main quarterback target, Josh Dobbs, decided to head to Knxville and the University of Tennessee instead.

But worry not Washington State fans for Bruggman will still be headed to WSU according to the Arizona Republic's Richard Obert. He's just staying at home today because he's under the weather.

Hey, understandable, there's a nasty flu bug going around and I'm glad Tyler is smart enough to just stay home and fax in his letter of intent when he's feeling up for it rather than risk going to school and getting others ill just in case he has it. Really shows what an intelligent young man he....

Alright, that's pretty gross. I'd probably stay home for a solid week or two if that happened to me.