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Tyler Bruggman may flip to Arizona State

The 4-star quarterback could stay closer to his Phoenix home instead of heading to Pullman.


To say that signing day is complex is understating it a bit. What happens at one school can effect another and WSU may become a victim of the recruiting Butterfly Effect.

Arizona State quarterback commit Josh Dobbs decided to head to Tennessee this morning instead of ASU. That left the Sun Devils looking for a quarterback, and Brophy Prep and WSU commit Tyler Bruggman happened to be in their back yard. It looks like Todd Graham and his staff could get the 4-star quarterback to stay at home instead of heading to WSU to play his college football.

Although we don't know his source, Deis covered WSU sports before his switch over to news at KXLY. But having your mom tell you she'd like you to stay closer to home wouldn't be the craziest reason to change your mind. Richard Obert from the Arizona Republic thought Bruggman was solidly committed to Washington State but will still be hedging his bet later on today.

Scooter Molander is the head coach at Brophy Prep and Obert asked him if he knew whether ASU was talking to Bruggman but he wasn't sure. Obert goes on to say he'd be surprised if Bruggman decided to go to ASU. Although everything we've seen to this point still indicates Bruggman is headed to WSU, the sigh of relief won't come until his letter is faxed to Bohler.