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WSU vs. UCLA basketball: Preview, game thread, and TV schedule

You are going to watch this basketball game. I'm sure it will be a great Saturday night for you. The fun begins at 7 p.m. PT on Pac-12 Networks.


This is a battle of the second-best defensive team in Pac-12 play and the second worst defensive team in Pac-12 play. The bad team would be WSU, who apparently were playing with smoke and mirrors in the non-conference schedule and tricked folks into believing they might be a decent defensive squad.

WSU has been bad on offense in league games, averaged just 0.98 points per possession. Surprisingly, there are actually five teams that are doing worse than that, including the Bruins. UCLA is scoring slightly less efficiently that WSU, and has been the worst shooting team in the Pac-12. The Cougs have the worst defensive field goal percentage in the league. Something has to give!

If there is good news for the Cougs, it's that UCLA isn't a shot-blocking squad. WSU is getting nearly 17 percent of their two-pointers sent away in conference, far and away the worst. The Bruins are ninth in shot blocking percentage.

UCLA has been awful from beyond the arc, which likely means they will go off against the Cougs, because three-pointers are stupid.

I guarantee you will be frustrated at some point as Kyle Anderson slow-motions past a WSU defender for a layup. Seriously, no idea how that guy gets by people outside of magic.

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