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WSU vs. UCLA basketball final score: The Cougs don't win again, 76-62

Saturday night fun times.

Stephen Dunn

The WSU basketball team had been consistent. Then it wasn't.

Pac-12 play has seen the Cougars repeatedly go on long scoring droughts at the end of games to blow any chance of winning. They got that out of the way in the first half, as they made just two two-point field goals on the way to a 15-point haltime deficit. UCLA maintained that lead to come out on top with a 76-62 win.

Washington State's offense was painful to watch early. After draining five three-pointers right out of the gate, the Cougs continuously worked the clock and had trouble even getting a shot off on most possessions. They picked it up in the second half, but that's when the poor defense took center stage to quell any hope of a comeback.

So at least the Cougars mixed things up tonight. They really showed their versatility. This team doesn't fall apart in the second half only, they can do it in the first twenty minutes as well.

At least they are playing hard. So there is that.