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Did WSU flag-waving reach the Vatican?

Every College Gameday for the past nine years, and also one-consecutive pope electing.

Wavin' the flag, Catholic style.
Wavin' the flag, Catholic style.

The Catholic Church elected a new pope today. As everyone knows, at least one Washington State fan is required to represent themselves at all major events by law. The Vatican is no exception, and someone was out waving their Crimson flag as Pope Francis was introduced to the world.

But is it real? The picture is pretty hazy, which makes it easier to sneak something fake in. The flag is also suspiciously well-represented in the middle, while all the others are laying flat for the most part.

This would be the new pinnacle of Cougar flag-waving if it were real, supplanting the fan waving a Cougar tee shirt at the Master's and chubby kid shaking his stomach at the World Cup. For now, we'll be skeptical.

At the very least, it was a good effort by @RachelHansen1 (if she made it). The picture is humorous and gave me a good laugh when I saw it. And honestly, would you be that surprised if you saw a Coug flag waving at a pope election?

Go Cougs.