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NCAA Tournament 2013: Printable bracket found here

SB Nation has provided a bracket for those of you who can't think while staring at a computer.

Mitchell Layton

The 2013 NCAA Tournament bracket has been released, and all that's left is the truly important stuff: Beating your friends in the bracket challenge.

These days brackets are filled out online, with just a few clicks allowing you to fill your bracket with lightning speed. But where is the fun in that?

Having to write out "Georgetown" many times is a commitment, and it may make you think twice about sending the Hoyas into the Final Four. And as we know, using regular basketball logic gets you nowhere in March. Picking teams based on the ease of writing names may be the difference between bracket obscurity and bracket immortality.

For those of you that prefer to savor your picks, and write them out on a piece of paper, SB Nation has a printable bracket. Great for office pools and the like.

The bracket can be found in PDF form here An editable Excel bracket can be found here.

CougCenter will certainly be having a competition this year, and this printable bracket could be great for practice. Good luck picking!