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2013 CougCenter Podcast, Episode 11: A look at football stats and WSU with Bill Connelly

We give you an advanced stats primer with spring football just around the bend. Plus, as epic a rant as we've ever had and it's all about the Pac-12 Tournament. Again.

William Mancebo

We thought with the Pac-12 basketball season was over but we couldn't let this op-ed from Dwight Jaynes go without giving it our full and complete attention.

But more importantly we have an incredible chat with Bill Connelly of Football Outsiders, Football Study Hall and SB Nation. Bill is one of the foremost authorities on advanced football statistics and he gives you the best primer possible on everything you'll need to know for football. Actual games may be half a year away but it'll be a heck of a lot easier to fit all this great info in your head now instead of trying to cram it in later.

We also go over last year's issues with Connor Halliday and what problems their might be going forward for the junior to be in an Air Raid based system.

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CougCenter Podcast 2013: Episode 11