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Hot Cougar Action: It's tourney time

There is this thing going on in college basketball today, you may have heard of it.

Get your jazz hands ready it's time for March Madness
Get your jazz hands ready it's time for March Madness

The wind apparently knocked out Comcast and it remains out even a few hours later, so this will be an abbreviated post since I'm writing it on my phone.

That means there will be no links as that would be impossible to do on a cell phone. Fortunately, you'll have the start of the NCAA Tournament to keep you busy. WSU also begins spring football practice today, so it should be an active Thursday.

If you haven't joined the CougCenter bracket challenge you can do so via the link on the front page. Usually I would link it here but, Comcast'd. If that's not enough you can read Jeff's post on Ken Bone and join that debate.

Assuming my Internet comes back sometime Ill try to add in some links later on. There will also be a NCAA Tournament thread at some point. Two years ago those threads brought us Buffalo! Wild! Wings! Last year it all started with a whisper. Who knows what this year will bring.