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Cougs drop 9th straight, 72-68 to Washington in Seattle

Another day, another game that gets away from WSU in the second half, making just five field goals in the final 10 minutes.


I went to a party my junior year with my now wife and roommates. We were assured there would be plenty of beer to be had so we needn't pick up any to bring. We trekked from the Chinook apartments all the way to College Hill only to find half a case of beer left to split amongst 10 people. As I poured a luke warm Busch Light into two cups to split between myself and one of my roommates, a guy came in and sat a six-pack of cold tall boys down on the chair next to me and covered them with his coat.

I looked at my roommate, quietly motioning my head towards the cold beers resting just inches from my right hand. Is this ethical, taking cold beer from someone I don't even know? Screw it, I can't stand warm beer.

We took our stolen goods to the corner to look as conspicuous as possible and about 10 minutes later, the guy came back to grab another beer and discovered two were missing. He lifted up the cushion, shook out his jacket and looked over at myself and my roommate. We gave him the "gaze into the sky because we're totally innocent" look. He walked back to a group of people, pondering where his beers could've gone when we made the mature decision to run and he was never the wiser.

I've always wondered how it felt to be in that situation, having a great time then getting it taken away, not really knowing why. Over the last nine games, that's how it has felt to watch the Cougars.

This game started much better for the Cougs than their last tilt with the Huskies, trailing by just two at half time. But one problem loomed large if it continued into the second half: turnovers. Sure enough, more unforced errors in the second half resulted in 18 turnovers on the day for Washington State, nearly seven above their season average.

Both teams shot over 50 percent from the field and over 40 percent from beyond the arc. Helping the Huskies big time was hitting a number of shots late in the hot clock after good defensive possessions for the Cougs. Those are what we call "OH FOR @#&!'S SAKE" moments.

Four players ended the game in double figures for WSU, including Brock Motum and Royce Woolridge who dropped 18 points a piece. D.J. Shelton finished with 11 points, including a nice 3 of 6 day from beyond the arc. DaVonte Lacy's only field goals came from downtown as he dropped 10 on the afternoon.

The Huskies only had two players finish in double figures but they were big double figures as C.J. Wilcox and Scott Suggs each finished with 23 points.

The Cougars will finish the regular season at home next week against the LA schools before heading to Vegas and inevitably pulling off an unlikely win designed to give sports bettors ulcers.