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2013 CougCenter Podcast, Episode 9: Two games to go and why you should rush

No guest this week as we touch on the Cougar basketball team and make the case for why it's always acceptable to rush the court.

This pretty much says it all about WSU basketball, doesn't it?
This pretty much says it all about WSU basketball, doesn't it?

Only two regular season games remain for the men's basketball team and after their loss to Washington on Sunday, what is there to play for in a season that will likely feature no deep conference tournament run? We explore what we'd like to see out of the team over the final two games of the season.

Then we get to a question that has been posed by many over the years: when is it acceptable for students to rush the court at a college basketball game? Our answer shouldn't surprise you but it makes a strong case against fuddy duddy-ness (scientific term). After that, it's our Dunderhead of the Week and a fantastic edition of Ask Michael Anything.

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CougCenter Podcast 2013: Episode 9