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Final Four 2013: Baxter’s cookie of the game

The NCAA tournament is down to four teams, and Baxter has a sweet companion for this weekend’s action.

Baxter is a dog with diverse tastes and interests. He has grown concerned that the internet has begun thinking of him as solely focused on finding the best beers to pair with sporting events. This week, he is diving headfirst into a new food category.

Last week I received a box of cookies in the mail from the folks over at Chips Ahoy! they are looking to highlight their new Sweetest Bracket promotion on, which includes videos with students all over the country asking what would make their "Sweetest Bracket" (hint: people like when their own school wins).

Here is the Michigan video, which features a guy offering to give up Facebook time FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK to guarantee a championship for his team. Slow down there, man. Let’s not say things we will regret:

As for the cookies, among the box of sweet things was a package of Reese’s chewy Chips Ahoy! Those were the ones I was most looking forward to trying, and I sampled them last Friday before heading out to run some errands. Turns out, Baxter was looking forward to trying the cookies as well. Peanut butter makes dogs go crazy, and he went bonkers at the chance to eat the Reese’s Chips Ahoy! unsupervised. When I returned home, I found that the my little 12-pound dog had enjoyed his fair share of cookies (he was fine, by the way).

Craig’s review

Reese’s are my favorite candy and chewy are my favorite Chips Ahoy!, so I found this combination to be quite good. I’ll have to get some more, and be sure to keep them out of Baxter’s reach next time.

Baxter’s review


That is what Baxter and I will be having while we watch the last three college games of the year. Be sure to check out the Sweetest Bracket site and let us know what you will be having in the comments.