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WSU's American Samoa pipeline just got more expensive

Joe Salave'a does an excellent job of recruiting American Samoa. He's also a large individual, a fact which could cost WSU some extra money thanks to a new airline policy.

WSU Athletic Communications

Washington State has put an emphasis on recruiting American Samoa recently, and with Joe Salave'a leading the way, WSU has done quite well for itself. That could continue, but if it does, it will likely come at a steeper price: Samoa Air introduced a new policy which charges passengers by body weight.

Instead of charging extra for heavy bags, Samoa Air is charging a flat rate for the total weight of a passenger and their bags. Depending on the length of the flight, prices will vary from $50 to $200 per 100 pounds. The airline claims this policy could reduce the fares for a "normal-weight family."

The problem for WSU? Salave'a and the players he's recruiting from the American Samoa are not your average-sized individuals.

As a player in the NFL, Salave'a was listed at 337 pounds. WSU has signed four players from American Samoa over the last two seasons, with Daniel Ekuale, Emmitt Su'a-Kalio, Robert Barber and Destiny Vaeao combining for an average weight of 271 pounds.

Somewhere WSU football chief of staff Dave Emerick is probably watching in panic as his recruiting budget dwindles with every bite Salave'a takes. Between Salave'a's recruiting visits and flights for prospects to take official visits, this new policy could add up.

If you attend the spring game and see a much slimmer Salave'a, you probably know why.

(H/T to Bryan Fischer)