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WSU spring football: A closer look at the Crimson and Gray game rosters

Who will win the Crimson and Gray game? We take a closer look at the rosters.


A year after playing offense vs. defense, WSU will go with a slightly different format for its spring game this season. This year, the coaching staff divided the roster into two teams.

Before we get to the rosters, I'm going to note that the uniform combinations make very little sense. The crimson team will wear crimson jerseys while the gray team will wear ... white jerseys. The quarterbacks will wear gray jerseys. H/T to Christian Caple for typing out the rosters.


QB: Connor Halliday, Jesse Brown, Conner Johnson

RB: Marcus Mason, Jeremiah Laufasa, Kyle Lappano

WR: Bobby Ratliff, Isiah Myers, Rickey Galvin, Kristoff Williams, Kyle Adkins, Mansel Simmons, Adam West

OL: Gunnar Eklund, Sam Flor, Andy Agen, Zach Brevick, Jacob Seydel, Joe Dahl, B.J. Salmonson, John Fullington

DL: Xavier Cooper, Matthew Bock, Moritz Christ

LB: Ivan McLennan, Darryl Monroe, Chris Boachie, Max Hersey, Cyrus Coen, Tana Pritchard

DB: Anthony Carpenter, Damante Horton, Casey Locker, David Bucannon, Mike McAdie, Beau Glover, Parker Henry

ST: Wes Concepcion, Mike Bowlin


QB: Austin Apodaca, Jesse Brown

RB: Leon Brooks, Theron West, Kyle Lappano, Teondray Caldwell

WR: Robert Lewis, Brett Bartolone, Daniel McDonald, Tyler Baker, Dominique Williams, Gabe Marks

OL: Niu Sale, Elliott Bosch, Matt Goetz, Eduardo Middleton, Rico Forbes, Pierson Villarubia

DL: Austin Brown, Jeff Waldner, Darryl Paulo, Sherman Hutcherson

LB: Jeremiah Allison, Eric Oertel, Jared Byers, Kache Palacio, Lyman Faoliu, Justin Sagote

DB: Nolan Washington, Bennett Bontemps, Taylor Taliulu, Rahmel Dockery, Michael Fields, Mitchell Peterson, Tracy Clark

ST: Andrew Furney, Alex Den Bleyker, Thomas Fossedal

You'll notice that a number of notable players are not listed on either roster. With spring injuries taking their toll, more than a few key players will sit this one out.

Based on the rosters, I'd have the Crimson team as about an 8-1/2-point favorite. Not only do they have Connor Halliday, but they have deeper position groups across the board, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Ivan McLennan, Darryl Monroe, Tana Pritchard and Cyrus Coen are essentially a starting unit.

The gray team, however, will also be interesting to watch. There is a lot of youth on that side and Austin Apodaca will have Dominique Williams and Gabe Marks to throw to. The gray secondary will be interesting to watch with Rahmel Dockery and Taylor Taliulu getting plenty of reps.

The game is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. PT, who do you think will win?